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Okenite For Spiritual Evolution

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  • By Linda Perry
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Okenite For Spiritual Evolution

Okenite looks like a fuzzy snowball. The fuzziness is actually very tiny crystals that break off easily when touched. It can help with your souls journey and karmic energy along the way. The combination of the two help us to make decisions to go in a different direction in life when we need to.

If you feel your path is blocked, work with Okenite to help clear them so you can continue moving forward. This crystal clears karmic debt, cleanses all the chakras and the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies for balance and alignment.

Okenite helps to open the 3rd Eye and Crown chakras to take you deeper into meditation. It will help with channeling and clarity of your visions and messages. This unique mineral is very powerful and brings in the energies and vibrations from the higher realms. 

This gem helps us stay on the side of truthfulness while at the same time, shielding us from the harsh realities of truth. If you have people around you that are a bit harsh with their words, Okenite can help you with lovingly acknowledging what they say but not taking it on yourself. It further helps you to realize their words are a reflection of themselves and not of you.

If you want to manifest your dreams, goals and desires, add Okenite to your manifesting and intention process as it is a manifesting crystal. It will bring growth, life force energy and vitality to anyone who works with it.


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