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Crystals and Gardening

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  • By Linda Perry
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Crystals and Gardening

Did you know you can put crystals outside with your plants and around your patio/deck space? We tend to think crystals are just for healing, but they are also great for plants, indoor and out.

Plants are susceptible to their energy just like we are. They can help with purifying the soil, making the soil more fertile, nurturing baby plants, established plants, flowering, make stocks stronger, keeping bugs away and more. 


Place larger crystals in your garden or on your patio such as spheres, generators, crystal carvings of Buddha or Ganesh, makes the energy calm and serene.

Whether you have a full patio with a large seating area or a small deck or lanai with a couple of chairs and small table, crystals can help when you have family, friends and guests over. They can help with balancing the energy, togetherness, communication, etc.

When having people over, it means communication so a large blue crystal, like Blue Chalcedony or Blue Aventurine, works well with the Throat chakra to bring out balanced communication. Add in a large piece of Rose Quartz to bring out more love or some Smoky Quartz for transforming the energy to play down any drama.

Some Amethyst would be good if you are having any adult beverages. A large piece of clear Quartz would also be good if you feel you need some focus and clarity. This could also be used if you are outside working from home.

One of the things I have in my space is a table I made from a tall plastic planter, but can be made from any size planter. I have seen ones where they are very large and act as a table with chairs around it. I spray painted it, filled it with aquarium sand, put crystals on top of the sand and then had a round glass piece cut as the tabletop. I use it as a side table to my patio furniture and also put a small plant and another larger crystal or two with it. Then on the coffee-type table of my patio furniture I also place some larger crystals. I change them from time to time depending on how I feel or what energy I want.

Tumbled, small points or even broken crystals work very well with plant pots and close around the stems in garden plants. The other way to incorporate crystals would be to use a wand and just stick it right in the plant pot or beside the plant. If you are wanting to put them with plants in a row, such as vegetables, hedges, etc., place a bit larger crystal every twelve inches or so in the row for maximum benefit.

Whenever you are introducing crystals, start small and then add more if your plants are taking to them well. It is best not to overwhelm them from the start, so start slowly. Never use clear Quartz with small plants as the energy can be too much for them. This is only for well-established plants with strong stocks.

When planting or transplanting, in each pot or hole you make in the soil put a piece of tumbled Amethyst and/or Shungite. Both will help in purifying the soil.

If your plants are young and not yet established, place Rose Quartz or Moss Agate on top of the soil. This helps to nurture the small plants to grow. Once they start to grow, place a piece of Green Calcite in the pots or around the plants to give them an energy boost. Give them a dose of vitamin D which helps them to grow by placing natural Citrine (not heat treated) around them.

During their growing period, Green Aventurine will boost growth and vitality. Use Tiger Eye, Black Tourmaline, Lepidolite and/or Moss Agate to bring an abundance of leaves and flowers to your plants. You could also try it with vegetable plants.

Black Tourmaline acts as a natural insecticide and is known to help nurse sick plants back to health. Place a larger piece by your entrances to catch any negativity before it enters your space.

Should you not want to fuss with many crystals and would just like to use one or two, Moss Agate would be one to choose. The other would be either Black Tourmaline or Green Aventurine.


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