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Blue Flurorite

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  • By Linda Perry
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Blue Flurorite

If you want to answer the call to your highest truth and purpose or go deeper into it, Fluorite can help! Known as a soul pathing crystal, it will help you reveal your life purpose and soul path wisdom by coming into alignment, bringing a sense of grace, empowerment and optimism.

Fluorite is beneficial in so many ways. It is a good crystal to help keep a clear mind and bring order and structure to our lives. When worn on the left wrist it helps with arthritis and movement with body, mind and spirit. 

The most common Fluorite seen is the purple and green that can be banded or swirled together. However, it also comes in black, blue, clear, green, pink, purple and yellow with the blue and pink colours being the rarest and my favourites.


Blue Fluorite is a rare Fluorite colour and helps with intuitive abilities and communication. It brings order to emotions and thoughts allowing creative visualization and spiritual awakening. Work with it for its soothing energy, helping to let go of frustration. It cleanses, stabilizes and protects the aura. A stone of honesty, it opens the throat chakra for short and sweet communication. Very calming to the system, it helps to reprogram old thoughts and karmic patterns. All colours of Fluorite can be used in crystal healing and resonate the most with the upper chakras.

Put a piece of Fluorite by your electronics as it will absorb the EMF rays they emit. All colours of Fluorite can give your energy a boost and help relieve anxiety and stress. It is a good pain reliever, especially in the area of rheumatism, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis.

Work with a Fluorite octahedron to activate your chakras especially your Solar Plexus, to help unlock your own inner wisdom. When you find yourself wanting to change direction in life and not sure which path to take, work with a Fluorite octahedron to understand your purpose and work with your intentions.


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