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We invite you to read about the readers presently in the store. Each has their own unique way of reading. Our current readers are in the store Friday's, Saturday's and some Wednesday's from 11-4:30. To book a reading, please come into the store, call us at 403-270-0410 or email use at [email protected].



Sandie is a gifted intuitive and Shaman. This has successfully allowed her to bring Spirit, insight and healing to her many new and long time clients for over 25 years.

She follows her Native traditional path and her connection to mother earth, which inspires her healing work.  Using a variety of tools she gathers information, heals and brings clarity. 

As you sit in session with Sandie you are completely calmed and grounded by her presence. This allows you both to work together to make the highest connection to spirit and gain intuitive wisdom to help guide your life. 

Text her at 403-966-3811 (text only)

Soul Food Crystals 403-270-0410




I have spent a good portion of my life exploring many things metaphysical, healing techniques, reading techniques and have found that Tarot is clear, concise and full of good information to help guide us on our human journey.
I simply love doing Tarot Readings.  I love how the cards tell a story to help us confirm and remember that we have our answers. I love how the cards give practical, encouraging insight and guidance whether our circumstances are positive or challenging.
If you would like simple, clear information and practical advice about your most pressing questions or a simple general check in with spirit, contact me for a reading.
Soul Food Crystals 403-270-0410
Email: [email protected]
On Facebook and Instagram: Tarot For Your Soul


Karen is an Angelic Divine Channel, and a Practitioner of Saraswati Healing™️ and The Kuan Yin Transmission™️. She has always had a strong connection with the Angelic Realm, and through her journey, has opened her heart as a healer, and learning about the ancient mysteries of the universe.  She has learnt much compassion and divine support from the universe, through healing her own journey, and how deeply we are loved unconditionally.  She would love to see you spread your wings!  

Karen is also a spiritual teacher and writer, and loves to inspire others through her Saraswati Healing workshops and retreats, which is a gorgeous and powerful energetic healing modality channelled by Alana Fairchild and her higher spiritual guidance, responsible for her best-selling Oracle decks, books and albums of meditation and music.  

The Angelic Oracle Readings Karen offers are based on messages from the Angelic Realm, and the many divine beings that love you unconditionally, including the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Divine Feminine and Crystal Angels. These readings help your heart to benefit what it is you need for support, trust, and alignment in your life, and can help you with your spiritual growth and have a deeper understanding of the universe and your life path.  Karen loves to hold a space for you where you are held and supported unconditionally with these angelic readings that she offers.  She would love to meet you! 

Soul Food Crystals 403-270-0410

Email: [email protected]


Sandra, Dancing Elk Woman

Sandra is a multifaceted and multitalented woman. Trained in massage and reflexology,  she also enjoyed bringing hundreds of spirituality minded women together for over a decade with her networking collective, “Calgary Goddess Groups”. 
Sandra was guided to start giving card readings alongside her treatments and was inspired to start studying Shamanism with the ISM several years ago. 
Her other passions include crystals (of course), flower essences, essential oils and being a mom to her 12 and 16 year old kids.
There is a fun and playful vibe to her wise and whimsical (and incredibly accurate) sessions and you may end up learning a reflexology technique or two as an added bonus!

Call Soul Food Crystals at 403-270-0410 to book a session

Email: [email protected]