Kind Words


The energy in your store when you walk in is like getting a warm hug! Shelley, Calgary


You have created such a beautiful island of light! Heather, Calgary


I love these magical and informative updates! You are my favourite crystal shop. It is my happy place. I always go there when I need an energy recharge and some soul food! Thank you! Rebecca, Calgary


I picked up my first Treasure Box on February 11 and could hardly wait to get home and delve into it. I wasn't disappointed and have been making use of everything in it since then. I can't wait for the next one. I chose to pick mine up because I enjoy visiting the shop so much. I sure enjoy the newsletter as well. Carole, Calgary


I have been to this location twice within a week, first time to check it out and 2nd for a reading with Sandie. This is a very welcoming shop, and they do have some items that I haven't seen anywhere else. Very friendly staff, would highly recommend checking them out. Sabrina, Calgary


Several months ago, I signed up for The Crystal Times newsletter.  I am always happy to receive these, as they are very informative. I especially liked the one on Fluorite crystals. A friend suffers from chronic pain and has tried a variety of treatments/remedies to try to relieve her pain. Nothing helped. After reading the newsletter on Fluorite crystal, I went to Soul Food Crystals & Books and bought a Fluorite bracelet and gave it to my friend. Within a couple days, I asked my friend if she noticed any change in her pain level. Her response was emotional. Not wanting to 'jinx' the results, she said it was the first time, in a long time that she didn't feel pain. Feeling so great, she decided to get on the treadmill and did 30 mins of walking. The next day, she did 35 mins.  I know my friend will cherish her bracelet for a long time to come.

Thank you Linda for taking the time to create these newsletters and passing along your knowledge. I am sure you have helped many people. You have certainly helped my friend.  Paulette

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