Auralite 23 Polished - Canada for powerful transformation

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Auralite 23 is only found in Northern Ontario, Canada. It is an Amethyst base crystal with 23 different minerals which are:  Ajoite, Bornite, Cacoxenite, Titanite, Chalcopyrite, Copper, Covellite, Epidote, Gialite, Goethite, Gold, Hematite, Iron, Lepidocrosite, Limonite, Magnetite, Nickel, Platinum, Pyrite, Pyrolusite, Rutile, Silver and Sphalerite.

It opens the Crown chakra and is a powerful connector to Spirit and Spirit Guides. On a healing level, Auralite connects with our DNA and can activate cellular memory. It works with Archangel Michael when cutting cords and ties. Download information on cording cutting here.

This is a listing for one Auralite 23 polished wrapped and sent charged with Love and Light ready for you to work with.

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