Chrysanthemum Stone for flowering into your potential

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Chrysanthemum Stone, sometimes called Flower Stone, naturally comes together to form flower and flower-like patterns.This stone helps you to open up and blossom. A side benefit to this could help you find your true purpose. There are many minerals and inclusions that are included in the creation of this stone. The main ones are Gypsum, Dolomite and Limestone with inclusions of other minerals including Andalusite, Calcite, Celestite and Feldspar.

Chrysanthemum Stone is a stone of balance, joy, contentment, luck, love and abundance. It helps with making a good foundation from which to build a goal or a business. Sleep with it under your pillow, then carry it throughout the day to keep its energy working for you.

This listing is for one Chrysanthemum Stone (3.5 in x 2 x 1.75 in) wrapped and sent with love and light.

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