Blue Sapphire for deep communication

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Blue Sapphire is a stone of wisdom. It clears and focuses the mind, helps with learning and activates intuition. As a stone of fidelity, love and commitment, it is a lovely gift to give a couple moving together or marrying. It is used in engagement rings and would be quite lovely used in a wedding ceremony.

If you are going through any legal matters or signing contracts, carry a piece of Blue Sapphire with you as it could be very beneficial with a possible quick and positive conclusion.

In healing, Blue Sapphire helps with insomnia. Place a piece under your pillow while sleeping. Its calming energy helps you to relax so you can sleep. It will help to heal the whole body as it is a purifier of energy. It is a good stone to use to heal anything for the throat and 3rd eye. Issues such as a sore throat, swollen glands, or helping with communication. It has been known to help with eyesight, fevers, improving hearing, inner issues such as infections and vertigo Use it for clearing the mind, headaches and brain functions such as improving dyslexia.

A powerful stone for communication, whether helping to easily speak your truth or enhancing your intuitive abilities. Place a piece on your forehead to start opening your 3rd eye. Meditate and carry a piece with you to enhance your intuition. If you are an intuitive reader or do any intuitive modalities, keep a piece close to you when working to open your 3rd eye to receive messages and/or visions. Heavenly beings and Angels connect with the blue ray and working with this energy provides a deeper channel for knowledge and understanding.

Many Sapphires are record keepers. Meaning on one or both ends they have one or more raised triangle. These triangles or record keeps are known to hold ancient information that relates to past lives. Working with this stone can release information that can be beneficial to you in this lifetime. Especially any healing that needs to be done stemming from a past life. These stones stimulate the wise woman within to bring about deep healing and wisdom.

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