Aventurine 8-sided Tower powerful abundance charged in Sept Full Moon

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These Aventurine towers have been cut into 8 sides. Aventurine helps with attracting abundance and an 8-sided tower makes that even more powerful. The energy collects at the bottom and then rises up through the tower to the top, helping to elevate abundance to a higher level.

Aventurine is a light to dark green crystal with some sparkly specks. it has been used to attract money and financial abundance. Put a piece in your wallet, purse and/or cash register. Work with it to help change and overcome any blocks or outdated beliefs around accepting abundance. Once they have been worked through, Aventurine then helps to open the doors to allowing abundance to start flowing.

Aventurine is also a good crystal to work with opening the heart by gently letting go of any emotional blocks.

This listing is for one Aventurine 8-sided Tower (2 x 8 in) wrapped and sent to you charged with Love and Light.

Crystal Blessings,


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