Crystal Water Bottle to nourish and hydrate

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Glass water bottles with crystals in the bottom that can be interchanged with crystals of your choice. A Metatron's cube decal is on the front. Each bottle comes with a neoprene sleeve when travelling. They come in Amethyst, Chakra, Quartz and Rose Quartz. These are great for infusing your water with crystal energy. Change the crystals up to suit the energy your are needing at the time. The crystals do not touch the water, so you need not worry about using any toxic crystals.

I love these bottles! They are well made, attractive and I love the fact you can change the crystals to suit what you need/want. This is a great way to set intentions with crystals, then put them in the compartment at the bottom, fill the bottle with water and drink. What a great way to work with intentions!

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