Tao Oracle Cards

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The Tao Oracle is a visual I-Ching - a beautiful and dazzling new tool for self transformation, enlightenment, and personal growth.

Author Ma Padma says that meditation is that hundred and eighty degree turn that strengthens our capacity to trust, as it puts us in touch with a silent, guiding force that is far greater than ourselves in its wisdom, support and sustaining capacity. To relax into the flow of the Tao in its unfoldment is to experience being "at home in life." This meditation takes us to what has been called the still point, the center of the cyclone, the great silence, the inner Himalayan peaks.

The Tao Oracleis a "visual I-Ching." It features no coins, no sticks, but instead has cards featuring paintings, symbols, colours and key words, along with a clear, simple book to help you interpret the results. The Tao Oracle speaks to the individual through a language of archetypes and symbolism that can expose a deeper truth of the dynamics of change as it impacts our daily lives.

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