Smoky Citrine Generator ~ Tibet Goddess Fairy Goddess

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Smoky Citrine is a combination of the two minerals and can be a smoky colour with yellow through it, or a yellow colour with brown through it. Sometimes it is an all over yellow brown or reddish brown. Smoky Citrine is such a beneficial crystal to help with anything negative that is holding you back. It also helps to understand and clear any vows you/your soul may have made in regards to celibacy or poverty, opening to abundance. This crystal works on a very spiritual and etheric level.

I absolutely love these crystals and I'm sure you will too when you see them and feel their beautiful soft energy. They working fantastically well with manifesting goals and intentions.

A Goddess, or Isis, crystal has at least one face that has 5 sides and helps to connect with your own inner Goddess or feminine side.

Size: 3" x 2 3/4" x 8"

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