Selenite/Soapstone Harmonizer Set for change with ease and grace

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This kit contains one each of Selenite and Soapstone Harmonizers. They can be used separately but work best as a pair.

Hold one in each hand to bring balance to the body, mind and soul

Use Soapstone to help any old patters, thoughts, ideas that no longer serve you. Run it over the body until you feel some resistance. If it feels right ask for the blocks to be removed. Hold the Selenite over the area asking it to be filled with Love and Light and anything else you want.

Run the Selenite over the body to smooth the aura and extract any negativity there.

This listing is for one set of Selenite and Soapstone Harmonizers ( 2 in x 5 in) wrapped and activated for your to use in your sacred practice.

Crystal Blessings,


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