Quartz Point Lightning Struck ~ Brazil Key

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Quartz is a very versatile crystal and can pinch hit for other crystals when used with intention. It helps with focus and clarity and will enhance other crystals it is placed with. A lightning struck Quartz is where the piece has actually been struck by lightning. It usually has a track down the side where the lightning traveled and looks melted. This type of Quartz helps you do things quickly. It reminds you to sit up and take notice of what you need and what is happening around you that is affecting you either positively or negatively. This piece has been struck by lightning in TWO spots!! A Key is when a full crystal was attached to the side of a point and has come off; or it is when another crystal’s point has penetrated another one and has fallen away leaving a hole. Use a key crystal to help you unlock any blocks or issues to bring forth the wisdom to clear them and heal. Size: 5” x 2” x 2”

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