Quartz Geode Pair, cave of wisdom

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Quartz is a very versatile crystal and has many facets and formations. If you can only every have 1 crystals, this would be it! It can pinch hit for other crystals if you don't have them and is very easily programmed. Quartz is a crystal you would want to have in a crystal grid alongside any other crystals you choose. Plus it will enhance the properties and of any other crystal it is placed with. It magnifies your intentions more than any other crystal!

These are like miniatures caves filled with wisdom of the ages. Just putting your hand inside you can feel the wonderful energy. They impart a lot of clarity, focus and wisdom into the space it resides in. They can even be used to cleanse your crystals by placing them inside. They are a wonderful healing tool as well as very decorative.

This listing is for one Quartz Geode Pair ( in x in x in) wrapped and sent with love and light.

Crystal Blessings,


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