Lemurian Quartz Point ~ Brazil Channel, Partner, Starbrary

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Lemurian Seed crystals come from Brazil and are believed to have been seeded and coded with information from the Lemurians in their last days. They have come to light at this time to help bring Oneness, Unity and Love to humanity. They can be identified by striations on their sides and some have 3 triangular faces at the tips. The striations are believed to be a library of stored Universal information and help to access the Akashic Records. Some of the original ones found were a pinky/salmon colour due to the colour of the sand they are found in. These are crystals of Love and Light. These crystals help with inspiration, creativity and originality. Work with one to find out all of its hidden talents!

This piece has a Channel face, meaning the main face has 7 sides to it. this is used when meditating and asking for spiritual guidance, bringing a clearer answer.

A Starbrary is where the sizes and/or faces have etched almost geometric shapes. These are believed to have been encoded with information from other Star Beings.

Size: 1 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 6"
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