Psilomelane Tumbled for uncovering hidden emotions

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Psilomelane is a stone of deep healing. It helps to bring to the surface emotions and issues we didn't realize we still had or had at all. Once it has surfaced it helps us cut it all out to let go and heal. It a stone of profound well-being. A good stone have on you to have it work its magic.

It has beautiful banding and swirling and is an ideal stone for scrying like Obsidian. Many people refer to it as Black Hematite (which is iron oxide), however it is a hard black Manganese oxide.

If you want to work with your light and shadow sides, this is a good stone to help. It balances your inner feminine and masculine energies, all to better know and understand yourself.

This listing is for one Psilomelane Tumbled wrapped and sent with love and light.

Crystal Blessings,


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