Orange Calcite Bear

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Orange Calcite energizes and cleanses. Balances emotions, removes fear and maximizes potential. Helps to remove mucus from the system and helps heal intestinal disorders.

Calcite is a stone of manifesting and balance, all its different colours help cleanse and energize the chakras. Orange Calcite is so luscious reminding us of the juicy side of life. It is very energizing, cleansing and uplifts the spirit. "I love to sing and dance, to bring movement and energy to life whether physically or energetically. Come play with me, find what you are passionate for and ride the wave of life. I dissolve hesitancy, uncertainty and fear so you can take action. Love yourself, love life".

This listing is for one Orange Calcite Bear (6 in x 5 in) wrapped and sent with love and light.

Crystal blessings,


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