Natural Citrine Point ~ Brazil Goddess, Window

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Natural Citrine is powerful for attracting abundance into your life and especially monetary into your business. Place a piece in your prosperity corner, wallet or cash box.

Natural Citrine is one of my favourite crystals and is my go-to for manifesting abundance.! It is uplifting, happy and helps with personal power and using it wisely.

These generators are beautiful and so clear bringing more clarity to your manifesting intentions.

A Goddess, or Isis, crystal has at least one face that has 5 sides and helps to connect with your own inner Goddess or feminine side.

A Window is a little diamond shape where it's corners align with the sides of the faces and sides of a point. It is a tool to use to look deep within ourselves and bring forth into being and into the light that which is truly ourselves.

This listing is for one Natural Citrine Generator (approx. 1.25 in x 2) wrapped and sent with love and light.

Crystal Blessings,


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