Kyanite Wands for communication and alignment

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Kyanite bridges between the Heart and 3rd Eye chakras, boosting, balancing and aligning everything in between. A powerful tool for communication, it helps us to say what we need to voice with the right words. It helps to bring chakras back into balance.

Kyanite opens the 3rd Eye chakra and increases your intuition. Sleeping with Kyanite, enhances  dreams and provides a peaceful sleep waking up feeling rested.

These beautiful polished wands are wonderful for helping energy move through the body. You can use them to draw an energetic circle around blocks to draw the energy off, or draw Reiki or other symbols on the body.

This listing is for one Kyanite Wand (.75 in x 3 in) wrapped and charged with Love and Light ready for you to work with.

Crystal Blessings,


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