Kunzite Polished

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Kunzite is a beautiful heart opening stone. It is a form of Spodumene and comes in pink, lilac, green and yellow. Kunzite was discovered at the Pala Chief Mine near San Diego, California and named after gemologist GF Kunz. It is also mined in Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar and Afghanistan.

Kunzite is not a common stone and makes beautiful pendants and rings when faceted. We have pieces in the store, but they never last too long.

The gentle energy of Kunzite opens the heart to the many forms of love. It helps to dissolve and release blocks holding us back to receiving love, heals emotions and brings a state of joy, wonder and delight. Kunzite connects to the energy of Divine Love, letting you know you are never alone.

Wear it close to the heart to help open yourself to the possibility of all levels of love. It can also help release stress, calm anger, fear and promote peace.

This listing is for one Kunzite Polished (1 in x .75 in x /5 in) wrapped and set with love and light

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