Flower Agate Generators for unfolding and blossoming

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Agate helps with strength, stamina and protection in a nice gentle way. Flower Agate helps guide us to blossom into our true selves, empowers use to flourish and stand in our power. It is a great stone for people wanting to start a new business or endeavour to help them flourish, grow and blossom. 

Flower Agate brings issue gently to the surface to be healed and let go. As the Lotus grows and blooms into a beautiful flower from the mud below the water, so too will you be able to bloom and grow.

Holding and working with one is like having  your best friend with you encouraging you to open your heart, go forward to realize your dreams and bloom into your soul's purpose.

I have 3 sizes to offer you. Please use the drop down menu to choose your size.

This listing is for one Flower Agate Generator wrapped and sent with Love and Light

Crystal Blessings,


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