Corinto Quartz Laser Wands for perfect focus and clarity

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Corinto Quartz is from the Corinto Mine in Brazil. These points are laser wands and are almost fully water clear helping with very precise focus and clarity.

These Corinto Quartz laser wands are happy, uplifting and bring a message of inner joy and peace. Some have fairy veils inside where you can gaze in and imaging yourself frolicking with the crystal fairies. It gives you the message to bring more play into your life to create some balance between your inner and outer worlds.

These wands make powerful allies when cutting cords and ties and activating your crystal grids.

I have 4 sizes to offer you. Please use the drop down menu to choose your size.

This listing is for one Corinto Quartz Laser Wand wrapped and sent with love and light.

Crystal Blessings,


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