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Cintamani, or Chintamani Stone, is a rare stone revered by the Buddhist and Hindu cultures. They believed if you possessed one you were blessed. It is known as a manifesting or wish fulfilling stone and was used to attain the wisdom of the Buddha. Cintamani has a connection with Vishnu, Ganesh, Lakshmi and Isis.

Some have found that working with it brings blockages, traumas, etc. to the surface to be seen, worked through and let go of. This is a stone that can bring profound change to your life if it is needed. It is a sacred stone of light and love. After working with it for a while you will start to feel much better, start manifesting your dreams physically and pretty soon you are living them. This is a stone and path of commitment to your journey, your path, your life and what you want to do in it.

While they are small pieces, you don't need anything bigger or it could be too much and too intense. It is said the smoother they are the more feminine the energy and the rougher more masculine. Having one of each could bring about a nice balance.

The energy of Cintamani sounds similar to Moldavite but does much, much more. It helps us to get to the source of any issues we may have, brings them to the surface so we can deal with it, let it go and move forward. Healing isn't always an easy process or journey, however at the end of the process you feel great, clear and lighter! This is not something Moldavite does in a deep level. It does help us to change, however in different ways, more spiritually than physically. Both stones are ones that you do need to be ready to work with.

This listing is for one Cintamani (.75 in - 1 in) wrapped and sent with love and light.

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