Chrysocolla with Malachite Rough

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Chrysocolla is a powerful stone to connect with the Divine Feminine and Goddess energies yet also balances the male/female energies. It promotes joy, serenity, harmony and balance. Chrysocolla helps with finding your voice and speaking your own truth.

Malachite, known as the stone of transformation, grows around copper mines and is quite often seen in combination with Chrysocolla and Azurite. It has light and dark green bands and swirls that can help draw emotions to the surface to be transformed. Malachite helps to clear negative energy and cleanses all the chakras, bringing a sense of renewal.

Being green, Malachite also connects to abundance, manifesting and intention setting. A good stone to have in an abundance grid or keep a small piece in your wallet.

This listing is for one Chrysocolla Malachite rough piece (4 in x 1.25 in x 1.5 in) wrapped and sent with love and light.

Crystal Blessings,


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