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Entrepreneurship is a siren song of risk. Millions of people each year who start their own small businesses, about 20 percent fail in their first year and 50 percent fail in their fifth year. While many factors can affect a business's success, one central issue can doom it from the get-go: asking what instead of who.

When you are talking about any kind of product, it may be instinctual to ask what should I sell or what should I build? Instead, and in truth, you should be asking who. As in, who should I serve? The who is the foundation upon which all other things can solidly be built.

Ryan Levesque, founder and CEO of The Ask Method Company and author of Ask, takes you through his three-tiered process of brainstorming, testing, and choosing the right market to find the right who that needs to be served. You will learn to evaluate your business concept in an iterative traffic-light framework of red (no), yellow (caution), and green (yes) and use worksheets, diagrams, checklists, tests, and other bonus materials to support you through your entrepreneurial journey. Levesque demystifies the process with clear philosophies and strategies that will progress your business to meaningful success.

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