Black Quartz ~ Mongolia

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This Black Quartz is a variety of Smoky Quartz from Mongolia that is naturally irradiated. It is similar to Hedenbergite, however this would be the core point and the outer layer has already receded. At some point in it's growth it was broken and then grew back together, making this a self-healed wand. The whole point has an unusual growth patter and looks like it could have been either growing in ice or the outer mineral layer having receded leaving it with lots of pocks and marks on it. It looks like a growth interference piece. 

Use it for starting your own healing process, and growing around any blocks that might be in the way.

It helps you to reveal who you really are at your own pace, bring out your inner light, your heart and your passions.

It is purifying and grounding, is very stabilizing and can help to clear the mind of blocks and heals emotions.

This listing is for one Black Quartz ~ Mongolia wrapped and sent with love and light.

Crystal Blessings,


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