Archangel Michael's Dragons

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These majestic royal blue and gold dragons wish to help assist you in remembering your true identity.  They have come back to this planet to be of service to Archangel Michael and care deeply about your life path. Working with these dragons brings clarity, truth, forgiveness and a higher understanding.  With their knowledge and protection, they will help you recognize what needs to be cleared out of your path,  and to help reclaim your power. If you allow one to clear your path, they will light the way to a much more fulfilling life where you feel like you can stand tall and be proud of who you are.

They help to empower you, strengthen you and become the light you were born to be. 

When you are in the presence of these dragons, you become braver with your choices, and feel empowered and encouraged to speak your truth and to leap forward to walk your path.

If these Dragons use their fire on you, you will carry a higher light vibration which helps direct you on your path. Many may feel this with you. With Archangel Michaels help, these dragons can place their cloak around you, ensuring that no harm will come to you. They are always around you. Do not be afraid, break free and give your soul the chance to SOAR! 

This evening you will learn about Archangel Michael and his Dragons.  We will be working with them and then will enjoy a ride with a healing dragon meditation that goes beyond time and space.  Choosing not to fight what seems to fight us and allowing truth to shine deep in our hearts!

Facilitator: Karen Neuls

Date: May 21, 2020, 6:30-8:30 pm

Cost: $33.00 +GST

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