An Evening with Tara

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An Evening with Tara
So very Divine!
With Vibration & Mantra
It’s surely a Sign!

For thousands of years Mantras and chanting have been soothing the soul of Man. Join Shannon for an evening of mystical, magical, powerful sound as she explores the many colors of the Goddess Tara.

Come to an understanding of the workings of sound and mantra. Experience the vibrations as they flutter the petals on each of your chakras … with one simple sound. Then taking the basics of mantra ~ learn to chant the mantras of Tara.

Each color of Tara has a meaning & a purpose ~ a mantra to help us move through our specific human challenges. Let us chant together the colors of Tara’s rainbow and feel the vibrations as they move through us cleansing, clearing and purifying the beautiful goddess within.

Facilitator: Shannon Blatchford

Date: May 4, 2020, 6:30-8:30 pm

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