Ammonite/Ammolite Fossil

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Ammonite was a shelled cephalopod usually appearing in a spiral shape. It has been shaped over time into a fossil. Ammonites represent transformation, structure, clarity, balance and circular breathing. It helps to enhance and growth wealth and finances.

Ammolite is the irridescent shell of the Ammonite that is prized by many and if found primarily along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. It is a rare gemstone cut from fossilized shells of ammonites which are found only in the Bearpaw Formation in Alberta, Canada. The colours of Ammolite are mainly red and green, but there is also blue and more raring purple. Wearing Ammolite brings luck and prosperity.

This listing is for one Ammonite/Ammolite fossil (3 in x 1 in x 4 in) lovingly wrapped and sent with love and light.

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