Amethyst Singing Point Set for spiritual attunement

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Amethyst helps to cleanse and charge your space with peace and serenity. It connects with the Divine and Angelic realm through the 3rd Eye and Crown chakras and deepens meditation. In healing it helps relieve headaches and soothes and calms energy. Sleep with it under your pillow for a nice relaxing night.

These points are so amazing! They are full of magic and surprises. Both are Phantoms and one is an Ametrine!! This rare combination brings deep peace and is a strong crystal for abundance and prosperity.

Amethyst Singing set brings in the element of sound. When tapped together they product a powerful high vibration healing sound which opens the crown chakra and then connects down through all the chakras. They can be used to clear and tune a space by tapping them together while walking around your sacred space. Or try tapping one with a crystal wand and get a different tone and vibration. It really raises the vibration.

Amethyst connects and conducts the Violet Flame which is a powerful healing, purification and transformative energy. It is connected to Ascended Master St Germain, keeper of the Violet Flame, and his incredible ability to heal. It works as a cleansing energy that can transmute negative, clogged energy and vibrations in the body allowing our own energy to flow freely.

This listing is for one Amethyst Singing Point Set (2 in x 7 in) wrapped and sent with love and light.

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