Amethyst Double Terminated Dow Wands for deep inner healing

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Amethyst ranges from pale to deep purple, It is a master healing crystal, a natural tranquilizer, soothing, provides stress relief and relief from headaches and helps support when releasing addictions. In addition it helps with intuition, opens 3rd eye and Crown Chakras and connects to Spirit. Clusters spread energy in all directions and can be used to cleanse other crystals.

Amethyst connects and conducts the Violet Flame which is a powerful healing, purification and transformative energy. It is connected to Ascended Master St Germain, keeper of the Violet Flame, and his incredible ability to heal. It works as a cleansing energy that can transmute negative, clogged energy and vibrations in the body allowing our own energy to flow freely. 

These wands are all Dow’s which have 3 large faces with 7 sides with 3 smaller triangular faces in between. They are used for self-connection and Universal Truth. This is a crystal that will take you right to the point. A Dow is named after crystal healer JaneAnn Dow, however they were originally known as Grandfather crystals. They were known throughout the Anasazi (meaning old ones) and the Hopi Indians in the American southwest and used as spiritual connector. It was felt they were a magical talisman from the old Fathers, hence the name Grandfather. This is a very important spiritual tool as they channel and transmit energy, information and wisdom.

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