A Course In Miracles

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If you are attracted to the Course, yet are a bit mystified or even intimidated by it, the Introduction to A Course in Miracles class can help. Once you understand the theory of the Course and the framework of its lessons, you are able to utilize its teachings and embark upon an expedited healing journey. By taking this class, you will understand how practical the Course's message really is and how you can easily apply its loving principles in your daily life.

Specifically, you will learn:
~ How the Course came to be
~ The fundamental theory of the Course
~ About the language of the Course
~ Time according to the Course
~ The purpose of the body
~ Why the Course lessons are necessary and how to approach them
~ The role of Spirit in your life
~ The fundamentals of how your mind works and why your mind is important in healing
~ How mind and Spirit are connected
~ What a miracle is and how you can experience miracles on a daily basis
~ What the ego really is including, why and how to overcome it
~ That healing is natural and how the Course can help you genuinely heal

This class will be presented in two parts on the evenings. Clarity is essential and so there will be lots of opportunity to ask questions and have conversation about the teachings. You will also receive lifetime access to the online version of the Introduction to A Course in Miracles class so you can refer back to the teachings whenever you feel you need a refresher.

Facilitator: Fiona Williams
Date: May 7 & 14, 2020, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Cost: $130 + GST

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